Lift anchor wheel being prepared for maintenance work Lift anchor wheel being prepared for maintenance work

Lift Refurbishment & Modernisation

We perform improvement work on all models of elevators. Retrofits to door equipment and significant modernisation projects are only departing the guide rails. 

Your demands and expectations will be met with the greatest concepts and solutions by our skilled staff, who will assist you at every step of the way. The adoption of high-quality technology is always prioritised, and UK-made equipment is preferred wherever practicable. This guarantees that the functionality and dependability of the lift may be guaranteed after completion. 

By using our internal project management approach, our senior management will relieve the burden associated with project management and continuously update the customer all through the project’s duration to ensure that they are kept completely informed.

For customer peace of mind, all lift refurbishment & modernisation will be conducted by our team of directly employed professionals who possess all of the required training and certification and who will perform all work in accordance with all of the latest standards and regulations. 

Out With The Old, In With The New

If you’re searching for a way to make your office space more modern and inviting, why not refurbish the building’s lifts? Lift refurbishment & modernisation is a great way to add a subtle increase to efficiency in your day. Refurbishing your lift can help your lift operate smoothly, quickly and without delays. 

Ensure your lift is updated to the latest safety regulations and is compliant with all appropriate guidelines. Our team of lift specialists can call out on-site to perform a short survey and provide you with a list of information that is relative to the type of refurbishment our team will be able to offer.

“Modernisation of any equipment should result in the end user experiencing noticeable improvements in performance and reliability”

What Are The Benefits Of Modernising And Refurbishing Your Lift?

Lift refurbishment and modernisation can come with a lot of added benefits. 

IMPROVED SAFETY – Older elevators should have routine maintenance to ensure that safety precautions are taken. The chance of failure increases with lift age, therefore refurbishment provides a more dependable approach to ensuring passenger safety.

YOUR LIFT WORKS – Customers are consistently astounded by the upgraded efficiency of modernised elevators. Revamping only one or two parts, for instance the control panel or even the doorway operating system, can have a significant impact. There are gains in accessibility, alignment precision, and dependability.

MORE COST EFFECTIVE – Developing the value proposition for lift modernisation is simple. Instead of letting your vertical transportation become obsolete, a plan is put in place to increase its lifespan and effectiveness. Modernisation is far less expensive than tearing down and rebuilding your current lift. Revamping components also reduces the cost of repairs.

Lift Refurbishment London

Murray Lift Group Ltd are a group of lift specialists who offer quality lift refurbishment. If you’re thinking of implementing lift refurbishment & modernisation then we strongly implore you to get in contact with us today. Compared to other lift refurbishment companies, we send all of our own staff directly employed by us to handle all refurbishment and site surveys.

The maintenance and refurbishment of your lift can have a huge impact on your building. So if you’re searching for reliable lift equipment refurbishment services, we can help.

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