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The Importance of Regular Lift Maintenance

Published Date: December 21st 2023


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For companies all over the world, the importance of a regular lift maintenance service should never be overlooked. A recent study has shown that lifts, on average, break down four times every year. As there are over 17 million lifts worldwide, that equates to about 272 million hours annually of downtime. That lost time is costing businesses money. With regular UK lift maintenance, though, your company won’t lose out on revenue.

Is It Legally Required To Arrange Lift Maintenance UK?

Legally speaking, there’s no specific requirement that a lift maintenance company carry out regular maintenance on your lifts. There are regulations, though, that apply to office buildings and often residential blocks. These include:

  •         The Provision & Use Of Work Equipment Regulations
  •         Lift Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations
  •         Health & Safety At Work Act

Building owners and operators must comply with these legal obligations. Keeping your lifts in full working order by arranging regular maintenance will ensure your compliance.

The Risks Of Waiting For Repairs

It may seem the cost-effective approach is waiting until a breakdown occurs and then calling out a lift repair service. That is actually a false economy.

Times are tough for businesses at that moment. It isn’t surprising that many companies are keen to save money by putting off their lift maintenance service. Ongoing preventative maintenance may come with a fee, but it can help reduce costs in the long run. Once a breakdown has occurred, the expense of rectifying it can be far higher than the price of the service.

Prolong Your Lift’s Lifespan

One reason to invest in regular lift maintenance is to prolong your lift’s working lifespan. Replacing an entire lift can be costly and time-consuming. Frequent maintenance will pinpoint any potential issues before they get out of hand. Individual components and parts can then be replaced before they wear out entirely.

Preserve Your Reputation

The success of every business depends on its reputation. If your lift frequently breaks down and is out of service, that creates a poor impression of your company. Staff, customers, clients, and visitors rapidly lose patience with out-of-service lifts. Something as simple as routine lift maintenance can preserve the good opinion of your organisation.

Are There Different Kinds Of Lift Maintenance In London?

Most lift maintenance companies UK offer several packages to meet different needs. Choosing the right package for you will:

  •         Prevent lift breakdowns in the future.
  •         Ensure that you meet your legal requirements.
  •         Save you money in the long term.

Lift specialists in London can work with you to determine the most appropriate package for your requirements. They’ll help you to identify the best services to suit the age, usage level, and type of your lifts.

Where Do I Find Lift Maintenance Services Near Me?

If you need to find out more about the benefits of a regular lift maintenance service, contact Murray Lift Group. Our specialist team offers a comprehensive raft of services to suit all requirements. Whether you need your lifts repaired, refurbished, replaced, or maintained, we’re here to help.

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