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The Top Signs Your Lift Needs Repair: How to Spot Issues Before They Escalate

Published Date: December 21st 2023

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Arranging a prompt and efficient lift repair service when you experience a breakdown is crucial. It is possible, though, to spot issues and have them rectified before the breakdown occurs. This approach helps businesses to save money in the long run while preserving their good reputation.

The Health & Safety Executive requires lifts for public use to be kept in safe working order. It makes sense, then, to arrange UK lift maintenance in a timely manner to remain compliant. Fortunately, there are several key signs to look for that indicate a problem is on the horizon. Spotting those signs allows you to take prompt action to safeguard against serious faults developing.

Signs You’ll Soon Need Lift Repairs In London

Some of the most obvious signs that could indicate you’ll soon need a lift repair service in London include:

  •         Vibrations or unusual noises
  •         Jerky movements or slow speeds
  •         Failure to properly close or open the doors
  •         Warning signals and error codes
  •         Strange odours

If you spot any of these, you should call in lift specialists in London.

Vibrations And Noises

If you notice strange noises or any vibrations when using your lift, that’s a sign of something going wrong. Strange sounds may indicate a problem with the pulleys, gears, or motor.  They could include:

  •         Scraping
  •         Squeaking
  •         Grinding

If you experience vibrations, parts may be worn or loose.

Jerky Movements And Slow Speeds

When lifts move more slowly or jerkily, that indicates a mechanical issue. The brakes may be wearing out, or the lift’s control system could have a problem. It could also mean the lift is finding it difficult to lift the expected weight capacity.

Problems With The Doors

Lift doors should always close and open smoothly. If they’re taking too long or fail to open or close completely, you should call out maintenance services in London. The problem could be caused by the door tracks being damaged, a faulty sensor, or a malfunctioning door operator.

Strange Odours

If you detect an electrical or burning smell coming from the lift, the motor may be overheating. There may also be some kind of electrical fault. If you smell a mouldy or musty odour, water damage may have occurred in the lift shaft.

Warning Signals And Error Codes

A lot of lifts today have inbuild diagnostic systems to detect problems and produce warning signals or error codes. Should you spot any of these on the display screen or control panel, you should book a lift repair service. Addressing these issues promptly could help you to avoid having to get entirely new lift installations.

Finding Lift Repair And Maintenance Near Me

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