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Common Lift Problems and How Proper Maintenance Can Prevent Them

Published Date: October 2nd 2023

A fully functional lift system is vital to any multi-storey building or residential property and, if working as it should, often goes unnoticed; however, it is only when there is a fault or a lift is out of order that we notice the significant inconvenience.

Providing proper lift maintenance ensures any disruption to a fundamental component of day-to-day functionality is avoided all year round. Here are a range of common problems that can cause inconvenience to daily activities and even pose safety risks within the building.


Lift door malfunctions

A common issue found in lift door related issues; this includes doors not closing properly, getting stuck, or closing too quickly can lead to accidents.

As part of a regular lift maintenance service to guard against door malfunctions, it is important to ensure lift door components are inspected and lubricated, door opening speeds are monitored and adjusted as necessary, and checking that safety sensors are functioning correctly.


Faulty lift controls

A lift control panel is absolutely fundamental to all functionality – if the buttons do not work, then the lift will not be going anywhere. Faulty lift controls can result in erratic behaviour, such as the lift stopping abruptly or moving between floors unexpectedly, and lift commands not being registered within the system.

Ongoing preventative lift maintenance includes testing control panels, replacing worn-out buttons, and updating software to ensure smooth lift operation.


Overheating motors and worn out parts

Lifts, especially in busy commercial environments and offices, are on the go almost non-stop. This continuous use throughout the day can result in core components within the lift system becoming overheated, malfunctioning, and wearing away. This kind of damage can result in a lift being out of action for an extended period of time, causing significant disruption to the running of the building.

To help avoid this, it is important to ensure that motor temperatures are regularly checked, dust and debris is cleared from motor components, adequate lubrication is in place, and core lift elements are replaced based on regular safety and functionality surveys. Collectively, these preventive lift maintenance measures can extend the motor’s lifespan and reduce the risk of breakdowns.


Unusual noises

Strange noises such as grinding, squeaking, or clunking can be unsettling for lift passengers. Often, these unusual noises indicate worn-out or damaged components such as belts, cables, or pulleys.

Routine lift maintenance involves inspecting and replacing these parts as needed, preventing noisy disruptions, potential breakdowns, and discomfort amongst passengers.


Slow lift performance

A sluggish lift can be frustrating, particularly in high-traffic commercial and office buildings. Slow lift performance can result from various issues, including worn-out motors, hydraulic fluid leaks, or outdated control systems.

Regular lift maintenance checks and upgrades can keep the lift running at optimal speed, ensuring efficiency and convenience for passengers.


Uneven lift levelling

Well-functioning lifts are designed to stop precisely at each floor, providing a smooth and level entry for passengers and the get on and off. Overtime, ongoing and regular use can lead to wear and tear of fundamental lift components, meaning the lift end up stopping slightly before or after the optimum level – anything less than this can be both uncomfortable and hazardous, especially for individuals with mobility challenges.

A comprehensive lift maintenance service will ensure that the lift levelling system is accurate and stops at each floor, resulting in a reliable and smooth transition for passengers.


Planned preventative lift maintenance with Murray Lift Group Ltd

With more than 15-years experience in lift maintenance services, we have positioned ourselves as a specialist across London and the South of England.

As part of our planned preventative lift maintenance contract, we provide monthly reports and diagnostics from our lift engineers visit, a free lift maintenance quote and survey, a 24-hour emergency callout service, as well as handling communications with any insurance inspectors free of charge.

Our specialist lift engineers strive to offer clients complete satisfaction with all our lift maintenance services; if you require any support or want to find out how we can help, please get in touch today.

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