Common Lift Problems and How to Fix Them

Published Date: June 2nd 2023


Paying for lift repairs may not be something you enjoy, but it is something that is essential when your lift breaks down. Rather than going blindly into lift repairs, take a moment to find out more about the three most common lift problems and the best lift repair and maintenance solutions to fix them.


Oil Contamination Issues

As your lift is used and gets older as the years pass, particles can work their way into the lift oil and cause contamination. You may notice this problem when there is a foul smell as the lift is operated or when the lift struggles to move up and down effectively. In this situation, a lift specialist will be able to test the oil to find out if it is contaminated and work to find the best solution for the problem. If the oil analysis comes back with no contamination, the engineer will then deploy other maintenance services to try to work out the issue for you and get your lift running well again.


Lift Doors Not Working

The horror of a lift door not opening can be frightening to users who find themselves waiting for someone to get them out. When a lift hasn’t been properly maintained or cared for, the likelihood of the doors seizing is far greater than when the lift has been regularly serviced. If the doors of your lift do stop working, get one person to call a lift repair service London and request an emergency call out. If there are people in the lift, they will need to remain calm and still until the engineers arrive.


Strange Noises

If you notice that your lift is making clunking, screeching or any other type of strange noise then it is important to search for a lift repair service near me even if the lift appears to be working well. The noise could suggest that something has worn through or that it has become loose. The best way to handle this issue to is call a lift repair service right away and stop using the lift until it has been properly checked and the noise has been resolved.


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