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Emergency Lift Repair: How to Respond Quickly and Effectively in Case of Breakdowns

Published Date: November 13th 2023

If you are responsible for a building that has a lift, your worst nightmare will be dealing with an emergency situation when a lift breaks down. Rather than losing sleep over what may happen, take a look at our handy guide so that you know exactly what to do in a situation like this! 


Stay Calm 

It can be easy to panic when you are told that a lift has broken down in your building, but staying calm will allow you to resolve the situation quicker than if you panic. Make sure you know the emergency plans and take the time to read any guidance you may have so that you can take a step-by-step approach to resolving the issue.  


Communicate What is Happening 

If there are people stuck inside the broken lift, make it a priority to speak to them and let them know what is happening, and when they can expect help to arrive. If anyone is panicking and can’t calm down or having a medical emergency, you may need to contact the emergency services for further help and advice. 


Call an Emergency Lift Repair Service 

Once you have got the initial tasks out of the way, you will need to search for lift repairs near me and call out an emergency lift repair service. Make sure that they respond quickly and have the skills and experience to be able to fix the lift and get anyone free that may be trapped inside. If you do not have a regular lift company that you use, you will need to expect to pay a hefty call out fee to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. 


Stop Lift Access 

When a lift breaks down, people on other floors may not be aware and be trying to call the lift to use it. Rather than allowing crowds of people to build up around the lift entrances, take the time to display out of order signs so that people know to use the stairs instead. Doing this will reduce the number of onlookers so that you can keep the situation as calm as possible. 


Inform Relevant People 

Once the lift repairs are underway, it is important to think about who you need to inform about the situation. This could be the building owner, the company executives and even the families of the people that may be stuck inside the lift. When you get in touch with them, make sure that you provide clear information in a calm manner so that no one is left panicked or lacking in information. 


Speak to Murray Lift Group LTD 

If you have had to use an emergency lift repair service and now need to arrange regular UK lift maintenance, Murray Lift Group LTD are here to help. We provide lift repairs London along with maintenance services London, new lift installations and refurbishments – all at a price that will impress. So, stop searching for lift repair and maintenance near me and contact the Murray Lift Group team for the best lift specialists London has to offer. 

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