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How to Choose the Right Lift Repair Service: Factors to Consider

Published Date: July 20th 2023

At Murray Lift Group LTD, we are often asked to provide advice and guidance on choosing the right lift repair service for companies up and down the country. As more businesses are installing lifts, we thought it was a good time to help you out with some of the key factors that you should look for when hiring a UK lift maintenance company – check out our list now! 


  1.     A Team with Experience

The first thing you should always check is how experienced and qualified the company is when it comes to its lift repair service. Operatives should be well-versed in a range of different lift brands and the team should undergo regular CPD opportunities to keep their knowledge fresh. It’s also good to see how long they have been trading to make sure they have the experience required.

  1.     Transparent Pricing

Next, you should make sure that they can offer you a no-obligation quotation to consider, that doesn’t have any hidden costs or nasty surprises. Ask for a fixed price for regular maintenance services London and a full quote for repair work before you agree to proceed.

  1.     Modern Equipment

The best lift specialists London has to offer will also have access to the latest equipment for repairs and maintenance. This is important as it ensures the best outcomes, along with better safety for the team completing the repairs.

  1.     Team Availability

Before you agree to use a lift repair service London, make sure you ask the company what their ongoing availability looks like to ensure that they have the time to be able to fit in with your requirements.

  1.     Customer Support Team

In addition to availability, when you are looking for lift repair and maintenance near me, you’ll need to find a company that has a friendly and supportive customer care team. As they will be your first contact with the company, it’s important to ensure that they can meet your needs.

  1.     Support Around the Clock

Lifts break down at all times of the day, so finding a lift repair service that can attend around the clock is an important consideration. It’s also worth checking out what aftercare services are on offer should anything go wrong once the repairs have been completed.

  1.     A Range of Alternative Services

Finally, when you are looking for lift repairs London, it’s important to consider what other services you may need in the future. From new lift installation to maintenance and renovation, having access to a company that offers it all will make your lift needs much easier to support


Lift Repairs Near Me

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