A gold-trimmed lift with 5 meters makers on the floor A gold-trimmed lift with 5 meters makers on the floor

Sustainable Lifts: How Eco-Friendly Lifts Are Changing the Industry

Published Date: July 3rd 2023


So many of us head into a lift, press the button we need and don’t give a second thought to the energy that is being used to get us where we need to go. However, rather than allowing our lifts to be the area that causes businesses energy embarrassment, there are now a number of sustainable lifts available to help you fight the good fight for eco-friendly solutions. We took a look at the eco-friendly lifts on offer and have shared our findings below for you to consider.

The Problem with Traditional Lifts

One of the main problems we find with traditional lifts is that there are often running on technology that has not been updated, they use chemicals that are harmful to the environment and the replacement parts needed are made using labour intensive procedures that require lots of energy consumption. When you take each of these issues on their own, they are already bad news for the environment, but when you add them all up they simply spell future disaster.


The Steps to Green Lift Solutions

As experts in lift maintenance in London & the South of England, our UK lift services are often required for clients who want to keep their current lifts working as well as possible. However, over more recent years, we have noticed a shift towards sustainable lifts or efforts being made to make current lifts more sustainable. These changes began slowly and have grown in urgency, with some of the most demanded services including:

  • Moving to LED Lighting in Lifts
  • Using Recycled and Sustainable Materials for Repairs
  • Making Use of Water Soluble Paint
  • And More

However, these small changes are not enough for many businesses who are now actively seeking replacement lifts that work to provide a genuinely eco-friendly solution. 

The exciting news is that many lift engineering companies are now turning their attention to sustainability, with a wide range of options that move lifts into this new green era without doing away with the lifts that in-situ. Some of these options include:

  • Offering Retrofitting That is Eco-Friendly
  • Replacing Lift Finishes with More Sustainable Solutions
  • Destination Solutions That Optimises Lift Travel Directions
  • Smart Lift Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence Maintenance Diagnosis

What’s most exciting is that new ideas are being developed and tested every day, meaning that sustainable lift solutions are something tangible and achievable for all businesses.


Find Sustainable Lift Specialists in London & the South of England

If you are keen to source sustainable lifts or you’ve been searching for sustainable near lift services me, then the Murray Group LTD is here to help. We take pride in offering up to date, modern lift solutions and work with clients across a wide range of industries. 

We will work with you to find a sustainable solution that meets your needs in terms of being green but also meets your budget and safety requirements too. Once installed, we will provide you with our lift maintenance services too, so that you never have to search for lift services near me ever again. Connect with us today to find out more.

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