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The Benefits of Regular Lift Maintenance

Published Date: June 1st 2023


Owning a lift comes with a lot of responsibilities, especially surrounding safe use and client happiness. Rather than leaving your lift until it needs to be replaced, investing in maintenance services is a great way to keep on top of things. Not convinced? Take a look at five key benefits of investing in a lift maintenance service.


Reduced Breakdowns

One of the most beneficial parts of having access to lift maintenance services is the fact that you can avoid costly, and unexpected, breakdowns. A quick search for lift maintenance services near me will bring up a range of options to choose from, allowing you to pick out a company that has your needs at heart and will provide an affordable and high-quality maintenance plan that works for you.


Longer Life Span

In addition to keeping your lift from breaking down unexpectedly, regular lift maintenance will also help you prolong the lift of your lift, saving you money in the long term. Many of our previous case studies show clients who decided to invest in lift maintenance from us and were able to cut costs and avoid new installations for longer than they had expected!


Customer Happiness

When you think about an elevator maintenance service you may not see the connection to happy clients right away. However, if your building is well maintained, your lifts look well cared for and are all in good working order, you are far more likely to have customers that are happy with the service you are providing than if you leave your lifts in poor condition. It just makes sense to invest in the aesthetics and good working order of your front-of-house space.


Your Legal Obligations

Perhaps the most persuasive argument for lift maintenance is your legal obligations to health and safety. If you knowingly leave your lift in a bad condition and this leads to an accident or injury, you are at risk of legal repercussions. Instead, by undertaking regular maintenance and keeping accurate records of all maintenance visits, you can show that you not only take health and safety seriously, but you invest in it too, reducing your liability in the future should anything go wrong.


Renovations When You Need Them 

If you are keen to find out more about lift maintenance then let the Murray Group provide you with our exceptional London lift services and lift maintenance. We will assess your current lift requirements and provide you with a clear plan of action to consider. When you are happy to proceed, we will get to work and ensure that you always get the very best lift specialists London has to offer. Like the sound of what we do? Get in touch today and arrange a discussion at a time that works for you!

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